Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

Plymouth Rock a symbol of hope and freedom

America is  a melting pot of different ethnicities  bringing  together different similarities and degrees of productivity this is what makes us American. We need each other in order to achieve the goal of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness by building each other up , the best way to do this is by providing service to others first and to self second. Martin Luther King said it this way

“. Everybody can be great! Because Anybody can serve”

In 1620 England was a mess, torn apart by king and parliament and religious differences, civil wars had broken out.   The Pilgrims set out for a new world. And RISKED everything they had to cross the North Atlantic Sea during the winter months to catch the Northeasterly winds to an unknown destination they only dreamed and heard about.  They left everything behind they knew to be safe, secure and familiar.

The odds to even make such a long voyage with very few supplies, (money, food and water) and NO technology, the odds of survival was very high to help guide the Pilgrims along their way they relied on the stars and their faith in God while floating on a 100 x 80 foot long ship open and exposed to harsh storms of the Atlantic Ocean with  water  spilling over onto its top side decks.   The 102 passengers only had each other, resilience and their faith to keep them alive.  To become sick was certain death due to lack of medical supplies and as a result only 51 survived the treacherous voyage.   Pilgrims are not memorialized as heroes, like an NFL team practicing all year to win the Super Bowl.   but yet the Pilgrims did WIN and accomplished a journey not many would take or thought would make it The prize a land of Paradise full of rivers with fresh water, trees for building homes,  hot fire for keeping warm and cooking, rich soil for growing food and sustaining life, it was everything they needed.   Gov. William Bradford wrote in 1623,  “Instead of famine now God gave them plenty, and the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many, for which they blessed God.”

So why do people continue to search for things already found? Because they are looking for the Tangible.  The Paradise of Tranquility, unconditional love, peace that is not moved by the storms of life, the celebration of Joy in life is in the Intangible! within your believing what is true, just like the Pilgrims believed in a good God that shows His love by suppling their needs.  The Pilgrims believed and celebrated a time of rebirth, a time to re-focus on what is important in life, having their needs met and being grateful for each other.

Service is a form of Observance showing gratefulness or appreciation.  Let’s celebrate this glorious season by focusing on the relationships we have in our lives and showing some love to those important to us through Free Service OF GRATTITUDE to one another .