Tis the Season to believe in Love

In our Global Society where the Magic of Santa Claus and Christmas cheer have faded year after year, yet we still Celebrate Christmas Cheer.  Why? (According to a global survey, 33 percent of adults experience feelings of loneliness worldwide).    Because the Power of Love that Jesus Christ demonstrated and modeled is still influencing people today and around the world. 

 In America we have two national holidays, Christmas and Easter born from Jesus Christ existence and influence on this earth.   Catholics and Christians throughout the ages have died for their belief in him.  Christians currently are being persecuted for their Christian faith in Asia. 

What makes a person believe in something they are willing to die for? – LOVE.  The Power of Love has the ability to influence and change a person’s heart.  It’s more than a feeling it’s an action that can make a man weep or bow his knee. It’s the reason for the season

The History and traditions of the Christmas story is still being told and Celebrated because LOVE is still alive and influencing us, It is not magic but a force from above.  It’s the sound of Christmas cheer, warm hot coco a bright light in the sky, a new birth, a celebration of Love giving us hope for another year.  Love is the chocolate sprinkles on top of whip cream on your Mint coffee or Tea. The small details like a beautiful red Bow or sound of ringing bells, a smile from a Red cross women as you drop coins in the can spreading love, hope and Christmas cheer for another year.

Tis The Season to believe in the Power of Love

Merry Christmas