Right before my ex-husband walked down the aisle He says to my mother  “He was willing to die for me”

You don’t Love or have desire (aka passion) for someone or something until you are willing to sacrifice for it. True love is passionate desire, a desire to obtain the object  your longing for .

POWER= energy

Passion is desire and it’s powerful!  So powerful it can raise the dead to life , put a man on the moon, change the constitution of America with zero violence,  invent electricity,  compose music that lasts generations, build skyscrapers, make a street kid into a sports super star.  Passion is what makes people great champions, Oscar, trophy, award winning super humans who overcome trials and tribulations to obtain their desire to succeed.   Passion comes from the heart and is expressed through one’s creative talents such as music, art, science, business or sports.  It’s the willingness to not give up in the face of fear, opposition, it’s the courage to believe in yourself and purpose in life; do you believe in yourself? or your creator who desires for you to have hope, future and prosperity.  (Jer29:11) And those are just the thoughts God has towards you.  Albert Einstein who created the theory of relativity.  Is quoted for saying ” I want to know the thoughts of God the rest is not important”– Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, who expressed a tremendous amount of passion for physics, failed 99 times but on his the last try 100th time he discovered the theory of relativity.  Thomas Edison also failed 10,000 times before creating electricity, but he never quit! 

Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein are not the only ones who know the secret to success. Oprah Winfrey is another passionate soul.   It takes a lot of passion and creativity to keep moving forward. Ophrah is quoted ” Follow your passion it will lead to your purpose.”- Oprah Winfrey

Never underestimate the value of passion it comes from within and cannot be purchased.  ultimately, it’s the burning desire in your heart.  And the good news is God Grants the desires of your heart (Psa 37:4)  as  you trust in him with your whole heart (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Are you willing to believe? 

“All Things are possible to Him/her who believes” (Mark 9:23)  

 or are you going to trust the government or an organization to give you what you desire?  The choice is yours

the clock is ticking. 

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