Love is Hope and Hope is FREEDOM

My 80-year-old aunt over the holidays receives a laptop computer, obstinate   about ever using Google or the internet since its inception, she has discovered recently after learning how to use search engines, email and social media how much she loves it.  In fact, it’s the first activity I’ve heard her say she loves doing ever! she keeps repeating, I love it!

  My fearful Aunt kept herself from learning or using the internet since the internet inception due to horror stories she has heard over her life, therefore depriving herself of the convenience of receiving and paying bills online, communicating through email, or gathering industry knowledge and news  And now I rarely here from my aunt and it’s great because she finally has something to do other than stay indoors and watch TV.  The point is we let Fear from others affect or decision making.  Theodore Roosevelt said it like this. 

“ The Only Thing we have to Fear is Fear itself” Theodore Roosevelt

My aunt for the past 60 years has been afraid to live, frozen by fear of what other people said; she had forgotten to live and explore new things.  But now she is discovering new things, adventuring out past her comfort zone and because of Google maps she felt comfortable to show -up at Thanksgiving.   Just Googling makes her feel more alive because she feels she is no longer in the dark, and even looking up old school mates’ obituaries makes her feel a little more connected.   A gift given and received by the recipient is the best gift of all. Because it blesses even the giver.  Christ said it first. 

It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts20:35)

 My aunt and her friend are both more joyful now at being able to communicate with  ease through email, talking about old family- friends  as well as,  discussing  all the new information  and news of the day  my aunt finds  on the internet- it’s like a  spark has  ignited a  new  fire in her again,  she has so much to talk about and  it’s great to see her light up like a  light bulb as she tells me the latest real estate data and trends  or how she has out lived  her childhood friend. 

“Life is a great adventure and the worst fear of all is the fear of living”   Theodore Roosevelt

What we believe is what we receive.   For the past 50 years my aunt has in-prisoned herself by fear from others that the whole internet was bad, costing her knowledge, life, and joy of communicating with others.  What she believed about the internet has limited her existence to a life of solitude and self-preoccupation But a simple gift of Love has given her Hope and freedom to explore and live with others again experiencing life and love once again.  Don’t let fear rob you from loving and living life!

   Give your full-attention to the Word of God, for the word of God is life to those who read it and live it (prov.4:20-22)

Set someone FREE with love and experience life and the Joy of reciprocity. I invite you to join my family and I on an adventure in giving this Spring click here for trip details