It’s all about Others

Purpose leads to better relationships. Relationships with others is the power that drives us forward to not quit when times get rough, it’s the reason we love and forgive it’s an advance plan to “”I will never leave you nor forsake you” (heb13;5,6) and in marriage purpose can be seen in the promise “tell death do us part”. Purpose is intention a design and reason to keep moving forward, it’s energy it’s beauty in motion.

For example;  my only son and only child struggled in school for years, nothing seemed to motivate him  to want to do well and graduate.  I talked to everyone from his principal to his soccer coach trying to figure out how to motivate my son to pay attention, turn in homework and graduate high-school.   nothing seemed to work until a Marine recruiter showed up to his high school my son was hooked.     I was just thankful his grades overnight went from failing to passing.  My son finally had a goal a path, a vision or reason to graduate high school. But after high school he could have decided to quit on his purpose of becoming a “bad-ass” Marine Raider especially going through 9 months of an intense qualifying process of executing long endurance physical, mental and painful training exercises but because he is very passionate and purposeful about Serving our great country –  he never quit!  It was his passion to his purpose that kept him going and graduate with 32 others out of 96 marines that began the training process with him

Goals vs Purpose: A goal gives us a vision on our path.  God said it like this;

“Where there is no vision, the people perish:” Pro 29:18

Purpose gives life Meaning! And is influenced by our values and beliefs.  My son has said he is willing to die for the great USA.  What do you sacrifice everyday for? 

Purpose is taking center stage because breaking news media serves to inform us, educate, and help us to interpret new events.  The News Media is leading audiences to question political, business and personal decisions.   Informing the audience is how the Media industry stays in business.  Therefore, casting an existential spell on those they report about because it helps people form opinions and spread awareness about actions being taken that affect them.

My son’s core group of Marines in his team are super tight and close with one another because they must rely on each other in life and death situations to survive war. 

We need each other! ; In our world of living life, we too must realize we need each other to survive the crisis of today’s events, challenges and changes in life. The news media accomplishes their goal of reporting the news, and weather reports.  They lose their purpose when they become bias because we all need each other it’s the cycle of reciprocity also referred to as seed, time and harvest or “what goes around comes around” purpose makes us feel alive,  focused, trustworthy  and authentic.

A successful life is a meaningful life according to research in the Journal of Psychology itis clear individuals who feel a sense of purpose have better relationships are happier, reasonable individuals, who live longer and make more money   

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28

Loving others and God is purpose. You have Purpose!

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