Tie a Knot with God

Unfortunately, only in the movies do families look perfect like the Crosby show family or the Brady bunch , Happy Day family crew. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans come from divorced families according to the census.gov 52% of marriages end in divorce and this is a great place to start discovering yourself.

What ties us together?

Trust and Love are the two most important characteristics to have in any relationship However if you don’t have either one in your family relationships than start with God.

  1. Trust in God!.  Faith in whatever you believe will get you through.  Faith is like a magnet so WHATEVER you BELIEVE “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:23, NKJV). The power comes from YOU!  And whatever you choose to believe, you will have. 
    1. Example A; I made the hardest choice a parent could ever make in their entire life and that was to give up 100% custody of my only son to his recovering alcoholic father. My son was my life, my everything, I could not talk about it,  what the Holly Spirit was telling me to do without getting a huge lump in my throat.; even now as I write this I think about the amazing amount of Grace I had on my life to move forward as I was getting re-married to a new man, and going through the steps to switch my sons schools  closer to his Dad. The Holly Spirit had to make himself so clear by springing up through my throat came the words “He will Flourish” over and over again.   I asked every professional, from therapists, pastor, counselor, family and friends, I knew what I should do? My head was saying NO!  STOP!  Your crazy, my son could get killed being with someone so irresponsible.  But God made himself very known to me and now it was up to me who I was going to trust the doctors, therapist, family, or God?  Thank God, I choose correctly by choosing to Trust in God with my son’s life. Because God has kept His promise to me and my son keeps flourishing in life in, his career, with money matters and in his relationships.  And to boot his father is now 15 years sober and has his life back together and is also flourishing in his contractor business only God new the outcome and the lives that were saved from trusting in Him.  I had no idea at the time that my new husband had come from a child abuse background, therefore God had prevented and protected my son from a similar fate.   When you trust in  Jesus Christ He makes your path straight as you trust in Him. (Prov3,5-6)   Everyone wins! 
    2. 2,  Love  yourself!.  Love is the Strength that never Fails. (1 Cor 13:8) It’s the Jesus Christ kind of love which is, benevolent, selfless love that God showed in (John3:16) .  The Hope in Love is a Powerful force of promise.  When you know you are loved.  And are worth the price of a ring or marriage proposal, career advancement or new job, blessing of children. This un-conditional Love that says your worth it.  that keeps you going through rough times. And to NOT quit on yourself.    

3. Believe God Supplies your needs. (phil4:13) Love is the relationship I have with Jesus Christ.  I trust in God to supply my needs, not the government, employer, the universe.  But instead, I trust in His wisdom for living.   I NEVER thought I could be happy living alone, but I am, and my life keeps getting fuller and fuller, because I know I’m enough and I don’t compare myself to others or think for a moment I’m missing out on anything because my life is full of LOVE! The (John 3:16) kind of unconditional love and because I know I’m loved like a Parent loves their child I don’t question if my needs will be met.  I just simply give thanks for God’s word pray according to His promises and trust. 

God will meet your NEEDS NOT your wants. 

BEST PART you don’t have to be perfect or worthy to receive it.  His love is truly benevolent and gracious: “God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

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